We Take Pride in keeping Madison clean

Solar Panel Installation

Triton Auto Spa is a top leader in using Green Energy! This includes Solar Energy that comes from 264 new solar panels that have been installed on the roof. In addition to that, Triton has conducted a complete retrofit of its equipment in 2018 through 2020, and they have installed new energy efficient blowers, furnace, water heater, and other energy-saving equipment. 

Try finding another car wash this committed to Clean and Renewable Energy! Triton is all for Green Energy and helping keep our planet healthy!

Water Reduction Technology

When you wash your own vehicle in the driveway, all the dirt and petroleum based chemicals/oils get washed directly into the storm drains and sewer system. These chemicals eventually make it to our lakes, which contribute to Algae Blooms and other environmental issues. The same is true when you don’t wash your car and it rains. By washing your car at Triton, you are engaging in the most environmentally friendly way to clean your car! Triton captures oils and solids from the wash and then sends those to the water treatment plant and water processing system for proper disposal and recycling.