Car Wash Services

Full Service Treatment

Interior Vacuum First and Second Rows, Inside Windows, Cup Holders, Dashboard!



Deluxe Service Treatment

Full Service Treatment! Plus Under Carriage Flush, Wax, and Rust Inhibitor



Ultimate Service Treatment

Full Service and Deluxe Treatments! Plus a 30-Day Wax and Fragrance Option(NewCar, Vanilla,



Triton Works Treatment

Encompasses All Other Services! Plus Triton Finish Wax, 3rd Row + Cargo Vacuum, Air Freshener, Wheel Wash + Tire Treatment, and 2 Rows of Mats.



Add On Services

New Car, Lemon Lime, Baby Powder
Additional Vacuum
The First and Second Rows Are Included In Our Washes! This Is For 3rd Row, Trunk, or Cargo Areas!
Undercarriage Flush
This Allows Us To Wash The Vehicle's Underside To Remove Anything That Could Cause Rust or Corrosion Over The Long Term! This Removes Salt Deposits, Mud, Dirt, and Other Accumulated Particles That May Deteriorate Your Car.
Rain X
Repels Rain and Water Causing Water to Bead Up and Roll Away! This Typically Lasts For 1-3 Months Depending on Driving Conditions.
Wheel Deal