Unlimited Car Wash Membership Starting at $49.99/Month

Professional Spa Services

We provide skilled and quality car wash services. Triton uses state of the art equipment and top notch employees to ensure your vehicle is clean to your expectations. 

Professional Detail Services

From cars to boats and everything in between, we offer complete detail solutions to make sure whatever you bring our way is absolutely spotless and clean. 

Unlimited Wash Membership

One of our most popular items is our membership. We offer different types of our full service memberships starting at $49.99 per month for our monthly Full Service Pass

Madison's leading full service car wash, detailing, and biohazard cleaning center.

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Monday – Saturday : 8:00am-5:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am-5:00pm

*hours may vary due to weather

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Frequently Asked Questions

It may seem intuitive, but when it is dirty! Driving a dirty car can reduce gas mileage and increase the chance of scratches and micro abrasions. We recommend once per week. We have memberships available to help save you money if you do decide to visit us frequently! 

Starting at $22, our basic car wash begins with our Full Service Treatment which includes vacuuming, inside windows, cupholders, dashboard.

Express washes only spray chemicals and water onto your vehicle and then air dry it off. Full service car washes include interior vacuuming, wipe down of cupholders and dash board, interior windows, and a final hand towel wipe down to reduce the typical water streaks you get from an express wash. On top of that, full service car washes allow more people to be employed!

On average, getting your car washed with us should not take more than 10 to 15 minutes. Total wait time may vary depending on how busy the wash is.